Best Supplements to Aid in Fat Loss: A Detailed Guide

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Best Supplements to Aid in Fat Loss: A Detailed Guide

There are many ways that one can employ to lose weight. While dieting and exercising regularly are some of the most common ones, there are often times when both of these methods fail to give you accurate results. At times like this, you can also rely on weight loss supplements to do the trick for you.  


Weight loss supplements have become quite popular in recent times. These supplements are available in the form of pills, enhancing- drugs and natural solutions. Most of them help you lose weight or at least make the weight loss process easier for you when combined with methods like dieting or working out. 


Given below are some of the principles on which these products work: 


  • It reduces your appetite and makes you feel full. Thus you do not get the urge to eat excess calories. 


  • It reduces the absorption of non-essential nutrients like fat into your system. Thus your body automatically starts functioning on fewer calories.  



  • It enhances the fat-burning processes in your body, making you burn more calories. 

Types of Weight Loss Supplements 

There are two types of supplements available for weight loss- the Natural type and the Synthetic variety. Both of them have their own benefits and help your body in specific ways. 

Natural Weight Loss Supplements 

Natural supplements can enhance your body's metabolism by helping you reduce fat absorption so that your body can burn more fat as fuel. Most manufacturers often promote these supplements as miracle solutions, claiming that they can solve your weight problem in no time.  


However, such natural fat burners are often ineffective and being taken in excess may prove to be harmful. In fact, most of these supplements are not regulated by proper food regulatory authorities. However, having said that, some of these solutions are pretty effective and can help you lose weight quickly. 


Given below are three such effective Natural Weight Loss Supplements: 


Commonly found in beverages like coffee, cocoa milk and green tea, caffeine is a popular ingredient in standard weight loss supplements. This is because it enhances your metabolism( by about 16%) and helps your body to burn more fat in a short period (1). However, excessive caffeine consumption has its downsides as well. It can lead to fatigue, lethargy, lack of sleep and even make your body resistant to weight loss altogether. If you want to reap the benefits of caffeine, consume it as a beverage rather than as a supplement.  



Generally found in the bark of a tree named Pausinystalia yohimbe, this extract is mainly used as an aphrodisiac. However, Yohimbine also has specific properties that can help you burn fat efficiently. This natural extract functions by blocking a particular receptor called alpha-2 adrenergic. Alpha-2 adrenergic normally binds with adrenaline to suppress your body's natural tendency to burn fat for fuel. However, since Yohimbine blocks the receptors, your body prolongs the effects of adrenaline to enhance the breakdown of fat (2) 


Green Tea 

Green tea is an excellent natural supplement for weight loss. You can reap its benefits either in the form of a beverage or as a convenient supplement powder or capsule. Green tea contains a high amount of polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate, also known as EGCG. This compound helps you lose weight within a short period of time by promoting your body's metabolism and fat loss process (3). Additionally, EGCG and caffeine complement each other by enhancing the function of thermogenesis inside your body. Simply put, it makes your body burn excess calories by converting them into heat energy. 

Synthetic/Artificial Weight Loss Supplements 

Dietary supplements or synthetic weight loss supplements are more popular compared to the natural variety.  Most of these supplements are FDA regulated and therefore pose a minimum risk upon usage. These fat-burners encompass a wide range of products. They are available as capsules, pills, bars, tablets, liquids, powders, etc. 


Most of these products help in weight loss by reducing macronutrient absorption of fat in the body appetite and increasing metabolism and thermogenesis. Common ingredients in such dietary supplements include botanicals like herbs and plant components), essential dietary fiber, proteins, minerals, etc. 


Given below are three such effective Synthetic Weight Loss Supplements: 


This dietary supplement has been around for an extended period (almost more than a decade). A fusion of herbal ingredients and caffeine, Hydroxycut is currently the most popular weight loss supplement in the world. It can enhance the process of weight loss through improved metabolism and thermogenesis. According to a study, Hydroxycut can lead to 9.5 kg (21lbs) of weight loss in a period of three months (4). However, Hydroxycut is not an appropriate supplement for caffeine-sensitive individuals. The common side effects of using excessive amounts of this product are anxiety, jitteriness, nausea, tremors, diarrhea, etc.  


Ultra Reds 

Ultra Reds are a powerful flat belly promoting tonic that has a proven natural approach to weight loss. Ultra Reds leverage herbs that can flatten the stomach and decrease bloat. This new and powerful formula aids in digestion which increases the flat and lean appearance of the stomach, particularly the lower abdomen. Mix this delicious powder with some water for a quick and easy drink. It’s best to have this about an hour after breakfast to ensure maximum results. Ultra Reds also works to boost your immune system as it’s loaded with antioxidants and can give you more energy, too! It’s best to use this supplement on a daily basis for ultimate results. If you’re struggling to lose weight, particularly around the belly area, try taking Ultra Reds to help flatten your stomach. It is not possible to spot reduce weight, and that’s why it’s important to know and understand various supplements and how they can help so you know what to take and when in order to look and feel your best on a daily basis in tandem with your healthy eating and exercise regime. 


Gluco Mannan 

Also known as konjac, Glucomannan is a fiber commonly extracted from the roots of the elephant yam. As a dietary supplement, this substance absorbs water and turns into a gel-like compound. After consumption, it sits in your gut, giving you a feeling of fullness so that you do not get the urge to eat more calories (5). Regulated consumption of Glucomannan can help you lose 8-10 pounds of excess weight. Additionally, Glucomannan is an excellent dietary fiber that promotes the growth of good bacteria inside your intestine. Thus it can also reduce blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and high triglyceride levels and effectively reduce constipation. 


Synephrine (Bitter Orange) 

Synephrine is a compound that's commonly found in bitter oranges. It is a popular dietary supplement and is also found in several weight loss pill formulations. Synephrine is related to ephedrine, which reduces your appetite and enhances the fat-burning mechanism inside your body. Thus it is the perfect component for short-term weight loss. However, Synephrine is quite addictive and can lead to serious side effects when taken in uncontrolled amounts. So it's best to use it after consulting a proper dietician. 

Wrapping Up 

A balanced diet, regular exercise, and limited consumption of carbs can also help you keep your weight in check. However, suppose you want to get in shape within a short period. In that case, you can easily rely on dietary supplements. These supplements are effective and contain all the necessary nutrients for your body that helps you feel full even when you are on a restricted diet. 

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